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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indonesian way of life impact

By : Elia E. Villalobos Soto
B.A. Psychology, University of Puerto Rico
Hc. 02 Box 7237 Ciales PR 00638

Since we leave our country the social and cultural impact is very clear. I decided to come to Indonesia and it is the other side of the world for me. It is not the same read about a certain culture that live inside it. The social and cultural learning in this internship have been enriched and reciprocal. The foods, the roads, the clothing, the way of live are very different for me. The purpose of AIESEC internships is the cultural learning, and development as global leaders, I understand that I really found all of this here. We can get a personal and intellectual grow also. It is not only an exchange with Indonesian people; it is also with other interns of different countries. We never can get all together in the same place, but this opportunity help us to expand our ideologies and learn, in my experience, about Brazilian, Portugal, China and German way of lives.

Truly, Indonesian country is characterized for their particular religions and way of life. The predominant religions are Hinduism and Muslims. For me have been very interesting know more about their ideologies and traditions, because in my country only a few people practice them. For me, their religion determines their daily routine, their food, education and political status. I lived with a Muslims family and I learned a lot of things about them. The family is the center of the society, is the first society group and in this group they educate their children about Islam principles and transmit it generation by generation.

My experience working in Malang schools have been very important, because I had the opportunity to see different educational levels. In Kauman School we follow a formal curriculum, because as an international school they promote the English like their second language, they use the technology and creativity to have a better academic advantage. Also, with AIESEC interns they offer a global vision to their students.
At the other part, Aksara School, it’s a poor school in which the teachers don’t have the same skills to offer, but the love and enthusiasm to help the children to have goals in their lives. Although we didn’t follow a formal curriculum, the experience for me was beautifully and I felt very good to help others. I am sure that Portuguese, Spanish, German and English language classes from our interns was enriched for them. It was a short time to share, but the cultural exchange and the global vision that they had can help them in a future to choose what they want for their lives and how they can contribute to their society.

I really want to say thanks to AIESEC Organization for the opportunity. In confused and problematic moments I had people that helped me and I never was alone. Thanks to you all for to do my stay in Indonesia more comfortable. I am very glad to be there and share with their people. Also, thanks to Kauman and Aksara School for let us the opportunity to teach in their institutions and share reciprocal learning and a beautiful moments with Malang children.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Exchange in Malang

The story of internship that told by Zhao Tiantian(Sarah), China:)

Join in Go green project, she teach in SMPN 19

(1) Daily teaching of environmental issues and promote awareness of environmental protection. Also, assist teachers in SMP 19 with English conversation class teaching;

(2) Gardening project in SMP 19, namely plant flowers and grass in the garden of SMP 19 with some students and practice GoGreen with our hands;

(3) Rubbish collecting and composting project, namely collect rubbish on campus of SMP 19 and classified them into different categories and then compost in order to produce fertilizer for the school garden;

(4) Fountain project, in which we should carve our names on the fountain built at the entrance of SMP 19 in order to thank our effort in the project;

(5) Create English corner to encourage students of SMP 19 to speak out and try to use English as a communication tool in daily life.

(6) Also, because of cooperation relations we make the plan to work three days in SMP 19 and two days in the International Education Kindergarten owned by the partner of SMP 19’s headmaster Mr.Alvive.

Last but not least, with my sincere gratitude for AIESEC LC UB for matching me to Malang and obtained this splendid, unique and unforgettable exchange experience. Best wishes for a brighter future of UB and warmly welcome EPs from LC UB to Beijing, China.

Local Manager Board Conference 10/11



place : Hoki-Hoki cottage (oro-oro dowo street #33)
time and date : sept 25th-26th 201o

first day held : 8am-1am

our session in first day :
- Rules and expectation
- AIESEC history
- AIESEC way
- LC analysis
- Balance Score Card
- Synergy
- Local Focus Area
- Budgeting

group discussion

|to be continued|

Thursday, September 23, 2010


You want to feel great experience & global environment. Let's join with AIESEC Brawijaya. Please visit @AiesecLCUB stand in OPENHOUSE recruitment at FE Brawijaya's parking on sept 23&24th 8am-3pm, and fill the form ya guys

this the 1st day of OPEN HOUSE recruitment new member AIESEC LC UB

tomorrow we still have OPEN HOUSE at FEUB parking :)
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open house today :
- already more 50 applicant on booth
- promotion about what is AIESEC | AIESEC project | house-fam&Buddy | Xchange | conference
- roll call

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open Recruitment

hei AIESEC!!!
congratulation if you're Brawijaya University Student :)
AIESEC LC UB held open recruitment for new member
we open in FE Brawijaya University from 9am-2pm

further information
Shintia : 081333391645

image : (left-right)
jamal (OCP recruitment) | Shintia (VP TM) | Risti (OCVP PD) | ndot (manager TM) | najib (manager TM)